Gaelic is one of the modern Celtic languages of the Indo-European language family that includes Irish (or Irish Gaelic), Scottish Gaelic, and Manx which are all related to Old Irish. These three languages are considered remnants of the Celtic languages spoken in ancient Ireland.


Irish Gaelic – Gaeilge

Irish Gaelic is one of Ireland‘s two official languages along with English, and is also an official language of the European Union. According to the census, 42 percent of the population of Ireland (about 400,000) speak Irish. There are three main Irish Gaelic dialects, Munster, Connacht and Ulster.


Scottish Gaelic – Gàidhlig

Scottish Gaelic was brought to Scotland from Ireland around 1,500 years ago. There has been a restored interest in the language since 1999 when the new Scottish Parliament was established. The language is spoken by approximately 60,000 speakers in the home, church and for social purposes.


Manx Gaelic – Gaelg/Gailck

Manx is a Gaelic language that is spoken on the Isle of Man. Several hundred people still speak Manx as a native language and approximately 77,000 people speak it as a second language.