History of French throughout the centuries – French Translation

In the 13th century French was the most spoken language throughout Europe and it started to be used for diplomatic affairs between several countries.

During the next centuries, as France became a world leader, people tended to learn more and more French, and little by little, the language replaced Latin.

In the 17th century, the pre-eminence of Louis XIV (the “Sun King’) consolidated the position of French. It became the language used for international communication and it started to be referred to as the language of diplomacy throughout the world.

Its strict rules of syntax and its vocabulary supervised by the Académie française allowed speakers to produce discourses that were both precise and accurate.

However, after 150 years of French diplomatic predominance, the popularity of the English language rose and it took over the role of the international language of diplomacy in many parts of the world.

Nowadays, the French language still plays a part in international relations: it is one of the UN official languages and is the official language of many countries. In addition, most diplomats in the world have a good knowledge of French. If you want to travel or work abroad you may need to have a french translation of your documents.

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