The French Community in British Columbia Continues To Grow

The French Community in British Columbia Continues To Grow

The French Community in British Columbia

The French community in British Columbia continues to grow and diversify every year. British Columbia has the fourth largest Francophone community in Canada. According to Statistics Canada in 2016, French is the mother tongue of over 70,000 British Columbians. There are more than 300,000 residents of the province who speak French in addition to English or another language. Francophones have contributed to the economic growth, intellectual pursuits, and political and cultural development of British Columbia.

Structures are in place to provide several services to Francophones living in the province or thinking of moving there. It is possible to study, work and stay informed in French, as well as to access social services and health care. Many organizations are working hard to expand the Francophone and Francophile presence in B.C. One is the British Columbia Francophone Federation, the official voice of the province’s Francophone community. Their mission is to represent the Francophone community in British Columbia while preserving their linguistic and cultural heritage.

Infographic: The strong French presence in British Columbia

The Francophone community in B.C. is not only growing but also changing the overall Canadian population. This infographic will show you some interesting facts about the Francophonie in British Columbia:

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French Community in British Columbia

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