Free BBC Online Learning Resources

Learning a second language is a must in some parts of the world. Not only does it break cultural barriers, but it also creates potential business opportunities. Most start learning English in school because they believe that it will help their future careers. There are different ways of learning languages, such as studying abroad, acquiring language-learning software and private or group tutoring and classes. With the rise of the Internet, it is easy to find free courses online in most languages. In this article, we are going to talk about BBC Online Free Lessons, which provides good learning resources in a variety of languages.

Online Learning Resources Provided

The BBC learning website provides free learning resources in 40 languages based on different subjects. However they focus mainly on Mandarin, Spanish and French, three of the most useful languages in business besides English. For each language, there are several topics that beginners can pick up easily such as introducing yourself, ordering drinks and food, and numbers, etc.



Besides Spain in Europe, most Spanish speaking countries are located in South and Central America. Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries including Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru. It is the most studied foreign language in the United States and it is not uncommon to see Spanish signs and hear Spanish spoken in most American cities. Beginners can download key phrases in an MP3 file to learn the most common spoken Spanish in daily communication such as greetings, booking hotels and meeting people, etc. In addition, they also provide holiday phrases for people who want to travel to Spanish countries as well as an interactive learning platform with native Spanish speakers. The free Spanish lessons might be one of the best ways of learning Spanish.


French is spoken in more than 40 countries throughout the world including France, Canada, and Switzerland. Some English words are derived from French, therefore learning French for most English speakers is a little easier than other languages. The free French lessons start teaching beginners simple vocabulary, pronunciation, basic grammar in different topics like ordering food, introducing yourself, booking accommodations, etc. For intermediates, they provide interesting speaking lessons with videos and games. Besides this, language learners are able to access real news in French. For beginners to advanced French learners, these language learning free lessons could be helpful.


According to Bloomberg Rankings, Mandarin is spoken by over one billion people throughout Asia, including Taiwan, China and Singapore.Due to China’s growing economy, Mandarin has become an imperative language in business, gradually replacing English. On the website, BBC not only provides free language-learning resources, but also advises on Chinese culture. They divide online courses into a variety of sections depending on your destination such as writing, pronunciation and academic Chinese with videos and games. The lively learning style is interesting and draws people in so that they learn Mandarin efficiently. Most people don’t know that Mandarin is used differently in writing depending on the region. However, BCC provides both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese so that people can access either written language.

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