Festival du Bois – A French Canadian Experience

Festival du Bois – A French Canadian Experience

Get your French Canadian on!

A French festival in British Columbia? Yes, that’s right, the Festival du Bois is coming! For those who didn’t know, Canada is divided into two regions: English-speaking and French-speaking. French is predominantly spoken in Quebec, where most of Canada’s native French speakers live, and it is Canada’s second official language.

Unfortunately, Quebec is on the other side of Canada, and if you live in B.C. and don’t want to travel that far, just visit the Festival du Bois to get in touch with the French Canadian culture right here in British Columbia!

When and where is the Festival du Bois happening?

Every year, at the beginning of March, the festival takes place in the Maillardville neighborhood of Coquitlam, British Columbia, which is about half an hour from Vancouver. But what is so special about this festival? It is the largest and most attended Francophone festival on the west coast of Canada! Many people from Vancouver and its neighboring districts come here to speak French, have a lot of fun, and taste some real French Canadian food.

The French language – an important part of the Festival du Bois!

Most of the visitors speak French while they are here, but don’t worry! You won’t need a French translator to attend this special festival. But I really recommend leaving your comfort zone and trying to speak this beautiful language, even if you haven’t tried it yet! Words like “Bonjour” (Good Morning), “Salut” (hello) or “C’est quoi?” (What’s this?) will do. And don’t hesitate to ask people what all the words mean; no one is born a master. 😉

Music, art, and food!

The Festival du Bois provides not only music, art, and fun, but also delicious food. For instance, the poutine made from french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. It is not very healthy but it tastes good. Likewise, if you love very sweet things, you should definitely try out some maple taffy at the Sugar Shack! To make this treat, hot maple syrup is poured on crushed ice and rolled up on a wooden stick.

Curious? Then make sure you don’t miss out! Get your French Canadian on!

Need a translation in French? No problem!

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