Enhance your Career by learning a Second Language

Enhance your Career by learning a Second Language

Understanding the link between multilingualism and business

When looking for work, the first thing to do is create or update a CV that will convince an employer that you are the one for the job. A second, third, or even fourth language will surely open doors and improve your chances to enhance your career.

In the USA, most people speak English, even if it is not their first language. However, not many Americans, whose mother tongue is English, can brag about being multilingual. In today’s globalized business world, it’s no longer enough to only speak one language.

Due to insufficient language skills and cultures knowledge, numerous companies lose business and pass over contracts every year. Employers worldwide are ready to invest in quality workers with multi-language skills and may give preference to multilingual people. For example, since Hispanics represent 15% of the US population, Spanish is a highly predominant language for recruiters in the United States, along with Chinese due to China’s worldwide economic influence.

With globalization and integration developing so quickly, multilingual people find themselves offered more job opportunities as compared to monolingual individuals. Whether the job is located in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom, almost any job calls for language skills, and not just for jobs like journalism, transportation, tourism, banking, but also positions in retail, catering, reception, to name a few. However specialist language jobs like language teacher, translator or interpreter, require a higher level of education and expertise.

Enhance your career, bridge the Gap

It is clear that adding a language to any CV can enhance your career. It multiplies your chances of getting a job with a higher income, therefore, achieving a better career. Employers now demand more than just computer skills or experience. In addition, as recruiters tend to focus on globalizing their company, they perceive multilingual people as a ‘bridge’ to new clients around the world. Among them, those who are aware of different cultures are even more important. Now is the best time to learn a new language and enhance your career; recruiters need you!

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