English | French | Italian Interpreter and Translator

Interview with Matteo, Freelance Interpreter and Translator from English and French to Italian:


First things first, we would love to learn more about you: why and when did you decide to become a translator/interpreter? Where did the idea come from, and have you ever considered doing anything else?

My father is a French teacher. My mother an English teacher.

How different is being a translator/interpreter from what you had expected?

Very stressful. Excellent self-marketing skills are essential. Ability to adapt to different situations.

What is, according to you, the best way to learn a foreign language? How did you learn your languages?

Study abroad. Attend a good University. Take advantage of multimedia learning (DVD, mp3 etc)

What are the challenges of being a translator/interpreter? What are the perks?

Handle stress. Find and keep good clients. Remote working. Interesting job.


Thank you very much!