English | Chinese Translator

Interview with Jian, Translator from English to Chinese (Mandarin):

First things first, we would love to learn more about you: why and when did you decide to become a translator/interpreter? Where did the idea come from, and have you ever considered doing anything else?

I started to work as a freelance translator since 2002. I fell in love with this self-employment style almost since day one. I do have considered doing other things, but only for couple days, then I’ll be back to translation work again.

What is, according to you, the best way to learn a foreign language? How did you learn your languages?

You have to start to learn a foreign language from a early age, the early the better.

What are the challenges of being a translator/interpreter? What are the perks?

To discipline yourself and make your house like an office.


Thank you very much!