What Is Editing, Proofreading And Post-Insertion Review Really All About?

Editing, Proofreading, and Post-Insertion Review

These three revision processes differ slightly from each other.


Editing involves reviewing the content, overall structure, clarity and style of a document. It is the first step following the translation. It consists of rewriting the translation while taking into account the meaning, tone and style of the original text, as well as keeping the target audience in mind during the rewriting process. The translation should read fluently and not sound like a translation. It is important that it sounds natural to a native speaker. The editing process is time-consuming, and can sometimes take as long as the actual process of translating. The editing must be done by a different translator than the one that has done the translation. This is because the second translator will be more objective during their editing process.


Proofreading goes hand in hand with the editing process. The proofreading process is about checking the punctuation, grammar and spelling of the document. It implies making smaller changes in the translation, for example, making sure that the tenses used are consistent, or that the formatting of the translated text matches the original.  A spell check or grammar check function is used to catch any inconsistencies.

Post-Insertion Review

The post insertion review process involves reviewing the translation after the desktop publishing (DTP) process. In order to do this, the translator must compare the original source text, translation and design file with the translation inserted into a graphic format (i.e. brochure). The translator has to make sure that the translation has been copied to the right place on the page and that there are no extra spaces, capitals missing, corrupted characters, improper cut-off sentences, or any other minor adjustments or corrections necessary in regards to the font and formatting.

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