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It is no doubt that work is one of the necessities in daily life. People usually consume around one third of the time in a day at work. Usually form morning to afternoon, people devote considerable effort to the company. Therefore, the environment of the workplace is very important because it influences their quality of life. Work environment differs depending on companies or cultures. For several reasons, you may  have to work abroad and discover a new culture, a new way to work or live. As an immigrant you will need your certified immigration documents translated by certified translator. Here at LingoStar, we provide these services. Here are some examples of differences of work environment between several countries.


In Accordance with French labor law, to work 35 hours a week is decided as a standard. But people often make a contract to work 39 hours a week including 4 hours over time work, so people usually work 7 to 8 hours a day on each weekday. Regarding long vacations, French law decided that people can take a 5 week continuous holiday. Other countries in Europe have a similar rule, hence why European countries can be good locations to work at. If you want to work in Europe, you will need your certified immigration documents translated from English to French, Spanish for example.

North America

In the U.S., for the most part, people work 8 hours a day, but some people work more than 10 hours, or even exceed 12 hours a day. They are motivated to work hard to reach their goals because of the competitive environment in the U.S., so there are some people labelled as “workaholics.” These are the people who devote most of their life to work. In Canada, people work 37 hours a week on average. The duration of work is less than the U.S., but the unemployment rate is slightly higher than it is in the U.S. (Canada: 6.9%, the U.S.: 6.3% both in April 2014). However the unemployment rate is getting better, so more work opportunities are expected in the future. You are looking for a job opportunity in the U.S. or in Canada, for your work permit, you will need you certified immigration documents translated from your native language to English.


In some Asian countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, usually the work days are even longer than European countries or North American countries because cooperation and loyalty to companies is regarded as more important in Asian culture. Sometimes, this work behavior can lead to health issues though in this culture. In Japan, there is a word for “death by too much overwork” (called “Karoushi” in Japanese). It happens in a few countries especially in Japan or Korea, and the main causes of the deaths are stroke due to stress or heart attack. But unemployment in those countries is relatively low (China: 4.1%, Japan 4.03%, South Korea 3.13% in 2013). It can be said that the Asian work environment is more stable compared to European countries or North American countries. You just apply to a job opportunity in Asia, you will need you certified immigration documents translated from your Native Language to Chinese, Korean, Japanese,… for your work permit/Visa.


As you can see above, work environment differs a lot depending on cultures or countries.  There are a lot of surprising facts about the workplace because common beliefs and behaviors regarding working for a company can differ a lot. If you would like to move or immigrate, one of the important things is to check the work environment and assess whether it would fit your standards or not. Here at LingoStar, we accept all kinds of requests related to language services. Call us today or send us an email for a free quote regarding your certified immigration documents!