How Do Companies Benefit From Localization?


Our enormous mysterious world, which in ancient Indian mythology was believed to be resting on the backs of four huge elephants, has turned into something easily accessible due to the Internet and social media. When a business becomes global and wants to connect with customers around the world, in any web strategy, including social and mobile media, localization is the key element.

Localization can bring great value to a company. Today, world-class organizations generate more than 60% of their revenue outside of their domestic market by initiating contact with global markets rich with opportunities. In other words, products and services get better results and attract target audiences more successfully when localized versions are available.

For many years standardization has been a powerful strategy in consumer markets. However large chains face a huge problem: they have so many outlet stores open that they don’t have any more room to expand. When they find an attractive location to build another store, they face resistance from community activists. Another problem they face is lack of innovation: managers become so focused on meeting tight operational targets that they intentionally avoid any experimentation.

Fortunately for companies, the era of standardization is coming to its end with the opportunity to expand due to localization. Retail giants such as Best Buy, Tesco, and VF have benefited from the new system by localizing their products. Focusing on a particular local market means improving resonance, engagement, and commerce. For example, Starbucks and Blackberry feature localized content on webpages aimed at specific countries, and this has increased interaction as much as 10 – 15 times compared to pages with English-only content.

Nowadays people are not only global citizens, but also global netizens, and for any organization, meeting a target audience’s desires and expectations is a crucial aspect of success. Don’t hesitate to become something bigger and even more important. The whole world is open for your business, and people out there want to learn more about your product or service.

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