Communication with Animals

Do you like your pet? If you have experience with pets, you most likely know how difficult it can be to communicate with animals. They can understand easy orders, but intensive training may be needed if you would like to make them understand complicated orders. And we can assume they experience feelings such as happiness, sadness, anger, or hunger based on their attitudes or actions, but usually they don’t have a method of communication with humans. Do you think it would be fun if they could communicate with humans more?

Do you know the smart Gorilla named Koko? She can communicate with humans by using sign language. Her IQ is assumed to be between 80 and 90. (Average IQ of human is around 100). She has learned more than 2000 signs, and she expresses her emotion by using those. Furthermore, she can tell a lie, a joke and express her desire to humans.

Of course, Koko’s case is an exception. Most of animals are not smart enough to communicate with humans, but this situation may change in the near future via the introduction of new technology. A professor in the U.S. is trying to make a translation device to translate a dog’s voice into English. He said that he would also like to apply his technique to translate the voices of other animals into English. If the translation device is functional and goes on sale to the public, the relationship between humans and pets would change significantly.

There are countless languages people speak around the world, but all languages can be translated into other languages by hardworking translators. Therefore, the translation of animal language could be possible in near future. Here at LingoStar, we provide various types of services related to languages. Call us today or send us an email for a free quote!