Common mistakes and types of patent translations

When you run a business and want to expand your business abroad, applying for patents in other countries to protect your products from copyright infringement is a necessary step. For this, you will need to have your patents translated into different languages. A great patent translation may be the key to your success in the first stage of expanding your franchise overseas.

Accuracy and subject expertise are extremely important when it comes to patent translation. You never want to run the risk of submitting a problematic patent translation, especially when the intellectual properties could involve millions of dollars.

Therefore, it is paramount to work with professional patent translators. In addition to excellent translating skills, these patent translators need to have profound knowledge in different fields such as science, medicine, or engineering so that they can provide high-quality patent translation services.

There are two general types of patent translation. One is for referential information and the other is for official application. The one for reference requires a literal translation which tends to keep tightly to the original text. However, this kind of translation is not suitable for the official application. Patent translators working on this kind of patent translation need to be aware of and comprehend the differences among different regulations in different countries.

LingoStar has been working with professional patent translators in various language combinations – some of them are qualified even beyond expectation. For example, we have translators who work in the language pairs of Japanese – Chinese, German – Japanese, and even Japanese – Thai! In addition to this, we also guarantee the quality of our patent translations by having all documents carefully proofread by a second professional translator, and spot-checked by our in-house team. What we provide is not only a high-quality patent translation, but also assurance of the prosperity of your business.

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