Check Out Today’s Inspirational Message Translation

Check Out Today’s Inspirational Message Translation

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Today we want to say this one more time: never give up! Even if it seems that something goes wrong, don’t concentrate on the failure. Take a day off from all your problems and negative thoughts. Tomorrow it will be better because there is always room for a new plan and a new start! So, check out today’s inspirational message and help us translate it and share it with the world! If you speak a foreign language, don’t hesitate to send us your translation of this message or proofread the existing translations! Contact us today!

The Inspirational Message in English: 

If plan ‘A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!

The Inspirational Message Translation into Spanish:

¡Sí el plano “A” no funcionó, el alfabeto tiene 26 letras más!

The Inspirational Message Translation into French:

Si le plan “A” ne marche pas, il reste encore 25 lettres dans l’alphabet!

The Inspirational Message Translation into Italian:

Se il piano “A” non funziona, l’alfabeto ha altre 25 lettere!

Translation into Russian:

Если план “A” не сработал, в алфавите есть еще 32 буквы!

Translation into Japanese:


Translation into Czech:

Pokud plán A nefungoval, existuje dalších 41 písmen v abecedě!

Translation into Slovak:

Ak nezafungoval plán A, ešte stále je tu ďalších 45 písmen abecedy!

Translation into Ukrainian:

Якщо план “А” не спрацював, в алфавіті є ще 32 літери!


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