Challenges that come up when translating, can anyone handle them?

Challenges that come up when translating, can anyone handle them?

Challenges for translators, why translation can’t be done by just anyone

In a past blog we tried to define the essence of the word “translation” in simple terms. At its core, “translation” is the transfer of a message from one language to another, but there is much more to the process. It is a highly demanding activity and translators face many challenges. Translating requires a lot of research and preparation.

To start, we have a pair of languages, one the “source” text and one the “target” text. The source is the language of the original text and the target is the one you translate it to. Now we can begin…

Challenges in translation

First it is important to know that there is more than just one type of translation. Each type attends to the different communicative needs that we have in our lives. Among the types of translation that exist, we have: legal translation, academic translation, scientific translation, audiovisual translation, technical translation, and so on. Understanding the type of translation is the first challenge in translating a written text. To get a proper translation by translator contact us.

The second challenge is figuring out the purpose of the translated text. It affects the format, vocabulary, word choice, and level of research required in order to to be prepared.

This leads us to the third challenge, the topic of the written translation. This is one of the biggest hurdles of the job. Depending on the topic, the vocabulary and format of the text will vary.

There are other exceptional cases, for example the translation of jokes or idioms. These can be really difficult and tricky. As you can see, the translation will be affected not only by the topic but also the communicative context and culture in which the translated text will be used.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the translation process that has to be taken into account when discussing the challenges of translation as an activity. If you want to know more about these mentioned problematics read our upcoming post which will be focused on that topic.

Translation by a translator

So, if you want to become a translator, welcome to the club! Just remember you have to study a lot and prepare yourself for the journey. And for those who have text to be translated but do not want to be translators themselves, feel free to give us a call at 604-629-8420 or email us to discuss your next language-related project. You can also contact us at We are always ready to help you!

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