Some Figures about the Canadian Translation Market.

How big is the Canadian Translation Market? According to Statistics Canada, the number of individuals who declare revenue from translation in the whole country is greater than 12,000, and few professions have as much growth potential as this one. Quebec is the leading region, with 5,325 translators, followed by Ontario with 4,155. The two provinces combined account for 80% of all translators and interpreters in Canada. However, British Columbia is also a leading province for translation, with over 600 translators just in Vancouver.

What is the value of the Canadian Translation Market? The value of the Canadian Translation Market is estimated at about $450 million, excluding the value of translations provided by the in-house translation services of Canadian businesses and organizations. This market is served by over 800 firms and some 4,500 independent workers. 48% of firms are in Quebec (which represents 382 translation agencies), 37% are in Ontario (296 translation agencies) and 6% are in British Columbia (52 translation agencies).

Prospective growth of the Canadian Translation Market looks excellent as the expected rate of annual growth ranges between 5% and 10%.

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