Canadian Multinationalism

As the world becomes more international, the amount of immigration is also increasing. In Canada, an officially multicultural country, more than 200 thousands of people immigrate to Canada every year.  Since the immigration act was adopted in 1869, Canada accepted immigrants from all over the world, and now there are more than 200 races of people living in Canada. Canada attracts people who would like to assimilate with its equality, solid health care system, high level of educational standards and beautiful nature. But there are positive points and negative aspects to accepting large number of immigrants to be Canadian. Here are some opinions:


– Enhancement of cultural exchange
– Increase of population
– Growth in economy
– Increase of international competition


– Financial burden
– Racial problems
– Risk of cultural devastation
– Illegal immigration

Even though there are positive points and negative points, Canadian multinationalism has enormous appeal for people around the world, and the amount of immigration is still increasing. Often described as a cultural mosaic, various cultures, languages, and races all co-exist in Canadian society, and it have built Canada its own identity.

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