Bilingualism : All the reasons and advantages to become Bilingual

Bilingualism : All the reasons and advantages to become Bilingual

What are the advantages of bilingualism?

“Bilingualism is the ability to speak or write fluently in 2 languages.” – The Canadian Encyclopedia

In Canada, being bilingual is more common than in other countries due to the two official languages: French and English. Canadian instructions on food packaging at the supermarket, and signs around the city, are generally written in both French and English. However, speaking, writing, thinking or dreaming in more than one language could be blown because of the constant activity of the brain. So what are the real advantages of being bilingual?

Boost of cognitive performance

Many scientists that study linguistic development talk about “the bilingual advantage”. When a bilingual person is forced to solve a conflict, he/she will think in 2 languages, which flexes the cognitive muscles. This improves the working memory and one’s ability to switch attention from one thing to another.


The most specialized scientist in bilingualism is Dr. Ellen Bialystok, Rotman Research Institute Associate Scientist, Professor of Psychology at Toronto’s York University, and Officer of the Order of Canada since 2016. Her research shows that bilinguals are better than monolinguals at tasks that require controlling several goals in mind at once, such as multi-tasking and avoiding distraction during tasks. Read more about Dr. Bialystok’s research here.

Improved linguistic skills

When you are already bilingual it’s easier to become multilingual. Your brain already knows how to learn new words and to switch quickly between different languages. Scientists have proven that bilinguals have better listening and communication skills than monolinguals.

Protects against Alzheimer’s disease

Between 2008 and 2010, Dr. Ellen Bialystok wrote a research paper on “the effect of lifelong bilingualism on the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease” that shows that bilinguals are better protected against symptoms of dementia and on the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Open to the world

Usually when you are fluent in two languages it’s because your parents are from different countries. If you are lucky, your mom speaks one of the most-spoken languages in the world, Chinese, and your father speaks another, English. Now you can easily talk to half the planet!

Good grades at school

Of course when you already know a second language and you have to study it at school because it’s part of the curriculum, you will definitely get good grades!

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