Automotive Translation In Canada, World’s Largest Auto Producer

Automotive Translation In Canada, World’s Largest Auto Producer

Automotive Translation in Canada

Why is automotive translation such an important field in the translation industry of Canada? The answer is quite simple: Canada is currently the tenth largest auto producer in the world, producing 2.1 million cars a year. Top ten – isn’t it impressive? A lot of foreign automakers have their plants in Canada. These include, for example, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Hino, Toyota, Honda, and many others. Therefore, the Canadian automotive industry is a major contributor to the Canadian economy, employing over half a million people. Moreover, a big number of international partners and clients all over the world make it essential for Canada to have highly developed, professional automotive translation services.

Automotive Translation: What to keep in mind

What exactly does an automotive translator work with? The range of automotive documentation is pretty wide. It includes technical documentation, various handbooks and catalogs. Furthermore, diagnosis and maintenance instructions, electronic databases, contracts and website texts.

Manuals, for instance, describe vehicles in much detail. Very often manuals are huge documents, hundreds or even thousands pages long. Certainly, it would be perfect if a machine could translate such a beast. However, a lot of manuals are written in such a way that important terms and expressions are ambiguous and obscure for a machine. Therefore, professional translators with expertise in the automotive industry are in high demand.

As there are a lot of repetitive segments in automotive texts, translation companies help their customers save their time and money by using translation memory systems and standardizing and activating the translation in cooperation with clients.

Here at LingoStar, we are happy to help you with any automotive translation project. We cooperate with professional translators all over the world who have access to terminology databases and specific dictionaries to provide adequate, high-quality translations. LingoStar is a Vancouver-based language services provider with locations in Canada and the USA. For more information call us today at 604-629-8420 or send us an email at

Photo by Israel Sundseth, taken from Unsplash