All Shades of Spanish: Spanish Translation – Part IV

All Shades of Spanish: Spanish Translation – Part IV

Spanish Translation

The increase of the Spanish speaking population in North America has resulted in an increased demand for professional Spanish translation and interpretation, especially in the legal and medical fields. Certainly, a translator has to have native or near-native fluency in one of the two languages if he or she wants to work with English – Spanish language pair. Excellent grammar and wide vocabulary are a couple traits that will make someone a good professional translator. However, these skills are just not enough to provide high-quality translation, especially in such important fields as medicine and law.

To provide successful legal translation from Spanish to English, it is necessary to be familiar with nuances of all the legal procedures, otherwise you risk getting confused while translating. These include for instance, Spanish and English cognates. Read the following example:

Las partes han acordado celebrar el presente contrato con el fin de construir un puente.

The parties have agreed to celebrate this contract for the purpose of building a bridge.

Do you think this is an incorrect translation? It looks quite adequate. However, in the case of contracts translation, such a translation is unacceptable. As this sentence refers to the formation of the contract, the word ‘celebrate’ is not appropriate, and a translator should use the word ‘enter into’ instead. This verb will denote the actual meaning of the sentence, and the result we will get will be more professional:

The parties have agreed to enter into this contract for the purpose of building a bridge.

It is also very important to know how to localize the text into English from Spanish. For instance, to identify contract clauses or sections of laws, the Spanish language uses ordinal numbers, whereas English uses cardinal numbers for this purpose.

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