Accurate Translation: Why is it Crucial Every Time?

Accurate Translation: Why is it Crucial Every Time?

The significance of accurate translation

English is the most prominent language in the world. Many people ask why doesn’t everybody just speak English? Or how important is translation? The fact, however, is that not everyone can speak English. More importantly, language is much more than the communication of words. It is also an expression of a country’s culture, belief, and society. Translation facilitates effective communication among people who speak different languages through spreading information, knowledge, ideas, or messages. Therefore, it is crucial to produce a proper and accurate translation that correctly reflects a mirror image of the original text.

When it comes to translation services, the quality and accuracy of the translation are always very important. Quality language translation narrows the gap in communication. A good translation enables companies to reach a global audience by talking in a language that their clients can understand.

Accurate translation is critical to all aspects of any industry field. It requires double effort when it comes to medical translations, legal translations, or technical translations. If the official document is not translated accurately, it can cause catastrophic consequences such as loss of income and an organization’s reputation. Medical translations require high accuracy of all the medical terms, findings, recommendations, and instructions in the target document. Like medical translations, legal translations must also be completely error-free. Any small mistake in the translated copy can result in serious legal issues affecting the lives and freedom of people who use the document.

How to produce a proper and accurate translation

Accurate translation is an art and the translator is an artist. Besides following the rules of translation precisely, the translator should be able to convey the message in the source document correctly in a creative way in his choice of words, style, tone, and grammatical structure.

Translating is not an easy task that only involves replacing words from the source language with their substitute into the target language. There is an increasing presence of translation tools such as Yandex Translate, Bing Translator, and Google Translate which are constantly updated to advance the quality of translations. However, machine translation by no means replaces human translation. The results provided by these software are not reliable enough and often unintelligible, literal, or even hilarious.

Why Is Accurate Translation Crucial Every Time?

Tips for translators

Here are some tips to help translators to produce a high-quality translation and thus reduce time-consuming and inefficient processes:

Firstly, reviewing or checking the document enables translators to determine whether the work fits their translation skills and styles. Through this step, translators can see if they will be able to complete the work by the deadline, if the subject and language style are familiar to them, or if the source document is complete.

Once the translators initiate the work, they need to make sure that they properly understand all the requirements given. Communicating well with project managers or clients assists translators in getting clear instructions and well-organized source files for the translation. Knowing the right information at the start of the work will help the translators to establish the target translation style, target audience, and intent of the message that the client prefers.

Accurate translation is not a literal translation. A good translation not only preserves the author’s tone and style, but it also requires the creativity and flexibility of carefully choosing words and grammar that avoid redundancy and unnecessary replication from the source language.

Clear and accurate translation also requires efficient use of the language. Translators need to ensure that they have highlighted or added notes regarding reference materials, idioms, terminology and glossary databases used. Using Computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) might help in ensuring consistency in the special terminology, terms, and styles of previous work.

The need for quality language translation services         

Clients pay for quality and accurate translation. At LingoStar, we always keep the accuracy of our translation services as a top priority. Our translators will proofread and edit your texts and we will spot-check the final translations in-house before delivery. Professional and accurate translation helps to build business success and reputation. Our company boasts a global network of professional translators and linguists who have experience working on all kinds of projects. For more information about professional language services, please do not hesitate to call us today at 604-629-8420 or send us an email at You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of the latest developments at LingoStar and beyond!