A Second Language can Enhance your Career (Part II)

A Second Language can Enhance your Career (Part II)

Speaking a second language is also beneficial for YOU

Being able to speak a second language is a real asset. It will open doors for you in a way you would never imagine. As reported by recruitment agencies, speaking foreign languages one can result in a rise of 8-20% of your salary. Also, the benefits of being bilingual are numerous in any given career.

A multilingual employee may be trusted with new duties and responsibilities simply because of their ability to speak another language. They might also get the chance to go abroad as part of their job, and become a location, independent professional. Of course, with the development of the internet, it is possible for anyone to go abroad and gain experience. However there are many dialects around the world, so knowing the language of the place you’re visiting is an advantage. Furthermore, knowing the local dialect allows communication with others and total immersion in the culture of a country.

Speaking a second language also helps you to create a multicultural environment and social network. It is an opportunity to get to know clients or colleagues whose languages you’re familiar with.

Gaining a higher level in a foreign language

Even though speaking another language may help boost your work opportunities, this does not necessarily mean having to be fluent. If some proficiency is an advantage, recruiters may be happy with just the basics – being able to welcome prospective new clients from overseas with a few polite phrases is always a good thing.

There is room for all levels, but if you think you want to learn more and prove your skills to recruiters, you can always take a test! Many exams are available to people of all ages who want official qualifications in a language. For example, in English, there is the IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC to help you put a grade on your abilities.

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