Foreigners Living In Canada And What They Miss About Their Homeland

Foreigners Living In Canada And What They Miss About Their Homeland

Foreigners living in Canada

Canada is known to be a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions. Foreigners living in Canada come from all over the world for its high standard of living, plentiful opportunities, and beautiful nature. The pros of living in Canada are countless, however, foreigners will always miss something from their homeland, after all, they cannot deny their roots, they can even feel homesick sometimes. We decided to ask people from other countries now living in Canada – from longtime immigrants to aspiring permanent residents, from temporary workers to exchange students – to list the things that they miss most about their home countries.

Some ideas of what foreigners living in Canada could miss

Onsen and Sentō – Japan

Onsen is the Japanese term for hot springs, while sentō refers to public bathing facilities. Therefore, there are thousands of onsen and sentō of many kinds scattered around Japan, outdoor or indoor, ranging from very basic to the utmost in luxury. A great way to relax after a stressful working day.

Bidet – Italy

Italians feel lost without it! Considered a luxury good in Canada, you will find a bidet in every Italian house, right beside the toilet. Really convenient item, once you get used to it you won’t be able to go back to a “bidetless” routine.

Sophisticated online banking – Slovakia

For most people, electronic banking means ATMs or direct deposit of cheques, however, the Slovak system allows many more types of transactions, mostly on computers or smartphones, which is the reason why e-shopping is so well-developed and popular all over the country.

Christmas markets – Czech Republic

Traditional handicrafts, local food and beer, carols and even stables with real animals… a magical setting for the most celebrated holiday of the year.

Fresh bread, cheese, and saucisson – France

Who wouldn’t miss a fresh-baked crunchy baguette with some good camembert and saucisson slices?

Batik dresses – Malaysia

The technique called Batik is a technique used to draw a pattern on cloths using wax. Batik dresses are extremely popular in Malaysia both as formal and casual attire. Colorful and fresh: perfect for summer.

Longer annual leave – Europe, Australia

By law in Canada employees have 9 business days off per year… not much compared to the 20-30 days of most European countries!

Cheaper Alcoholic Beverages

Being able to buy a round of drinks at the bar without going bankrupt–Pretty much everywhere else. Sad but true, in Canada the prices of alcoholic beverages are among the highest in the world.

The language

Foreigners living in Canada will sooner or later get comfortable with communicating in English or French. However, they will always miss the feeling of being able to express themselves perfectly in their native language.

What do you miss?

Personally, I miss watching the Champions League soccer games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Here I can only peek at the score during my lunch break, thank you time zones!
And you? What do you miss from your homeland?

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