Software Translation

For software translation and computer program content translation, we use experienced translators specialized in the technology industry and editors with strong IT backgrounds. We understand the importance of delivering accurate and localized translations of your software content and work with you to localize your content into the relevant language variety. We will pay special attention to HTML and other codes and follow your specific instructions in regards to your specialized text.

Our services

All our translators are skilled in software design and development and have years of expertise in multiple programming languages. We use exclusively native speakers of your chosen language, with backgrounds in software and IT. Quality and cost are our number one priority, and all our projects are completed with your specific needs at the forefront. We translate the original source, and reformat and test the final product.


Our software translation services include:
  • Web and firmware
  • Packages, files, documents, and any associated materials
  • Web applications, including e-commerce sites
  • Consumer and business software
  • Desktop applications
  • Client-server applications, including product databases and administration components
  • Firmware and mobile applications

If your company is looking to produce multi-language versions of software, we can help.

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