Software Localization Services

Translating your software into the language of your target market is the first step toward reaching a new audience. But to get the best results, you need localization services. Localization involves translating for the linguistic, technical and cultural requirements of a specific market. Every culture uses unique language and numerical formats, and it takes a translator skilled in these cultural signals to create a document that is truly able to appeal to global target markets.

Localization goes beyond the mere translation of text and covers:


Measuring units


Default fonts and characters




Date formats




Spelling and lexical differences (e.g. British vs. American English)


Address formats




All cultural content

Software Localization Services at LingoStar

LingoStar will ensure your English software can be easily localized for multiple languages. Our software translators are exclusively native speakers who are familiar with the culture of your target market. They have education in the software industry, and years of hands-on relevant experience to create a successful strategy and timeline for your software localization project. We will consult and work with your developers for the best results, including testing and debugging. We provide software translation in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, New York, and other major cities across Canada and the USA.

Our software localization services extend to:

Web and firmware

Packages, files, documents, and any associated materials

Web applications, including ecommerce sites

Consumer and business software

Desktop applications

Client-server applications, including product databases and administration components

Firmware and mobile applications

Don’t take chances with your software applications when you take them to international clients. Trust LingoStar to ensure your content is accurate and culturally relevant.

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