Quality Assurance Guidelines

LingoStar is committed to providing reliable and exceptional services to clients with global language needs. We take several steps along the translation process to ensure the highest standards are met in regards to customer service and quality assurance.

We only use native speakers for translations, and all LingoStar translators and interpreters are highly qualified to translate into their native language. Our language professionals follow strict internal quality assurance guidelines, and we employ in-house quality control procedures for all our translations and related language services.

To further protect against any chance of misinterpretation, all translations include editing/proofreading by a second qualified linguist to ensure accuracy in grammar, spelling, writing style, and linguistic and cultural subtleties. Additionally, all translations are spot-checked by the LingoStar team for inconsistencies and formatting errors prior to delivery.

To provide the best quality assurance to our clients regarding our services, we keep educating ourselves and attending worldwide conferences.

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Quality Assurance: Conferences we’ve visited

Part of LingoStar’s Experience & Professionalism


We work with the most up-to-date information gathered from conferences from multiple countries on a world-wide scale!



  • The conference in Vancouver is for international business, translation, localization and global website management. “Disruptive Innovation” was the theme for the year of 2014. The conference elaborated on ideas regarding how disruptive innovation would impact translators and localizers and how it would affect the core of their business models and ideas describing the best way for everyone to take advantage of new technologies and processes to succeed in new markets. Programs of global business and global web were also provided during the conference.

  • LocWorld_Vancouver

iTech Conference

  • iTech Vancouver is an IT infrastructure and cloud services conference. It provided an opportunity to learn how cloud adoption has catapulted us into a new world of risk and compliance obligations. In addition, the conference educated the audience on how the threats to our confidential information has changed and been altered recently. The latest trends in technology were also talked about.

  • iTech


Silicon Valley
  • The translation conference in Silicon Valley gave an opportunity to learn about new tools, methods and business practices in the areas of localization and internationalization. The 2013 theme was “Localization in a Shifting Global Economy”. It provided an idea of how localization meets the challenges of today’s worldwide economy. It provided an opportunity to learn where and how translation automation use best fits into real-world practices as well.

  • LocWorld_Sillicon_Valley


  • The translation conference in Singapore provided an opportunity to learn about the necessity of content strategy, content standards and repeatable processes. It also examined the role of translation and localization in our mobile, global and consistently on-demand world. There are more differing technologies and standards nowadays have become more important as a result of this. The creation of effective standards was also covered in this conference, and how efforts can be targeting towards implementing these standards.

  • locworld-main-logo


  • The translation conference in Seattle gave an opportunity to learn how to reach the international mobile market.  The 2012 theme was “Reaching the Mobile World”. Now the world is increasingly connected through mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones. It provided ideas of where localization fit in all this and how a company enter new markets in new mediums.

  • locworld-main-logo


  • The conference in Barcelona is for international business, translation, localization and global website management. The 2011 theme was “!NNOVATION”. It gave ideas for how to innovate global business practices, how to process translation and localization and how to manage global websites. It also provided programs such as localization core competencies and advanced localization management.

  • locworld-main-logo


Washington, DC
  • The summit in Washington, DC, is a gathering that occurs every two years designed to bring together leaders, experts and key stakeholders from the many sectors of the interpreting profession. Its unique plenary format provides various opportunities to network with peers from professional associations, academe, government and the private sector. They provided astounding reports on the interpreting marketplace and provided insight into the degree of impact it has on legislation.

  • InterpretAmerica_Washington

ATA Annual Conference

  • The translation and interpreting meeting in Toronto provided workshops, educational sessions, a job marketplace, and networking events. The conference offered more than 175 educational presentations for 12 different languages in a variety of fields such as medicine, finance, and terminology. It provided all the latest software, books, and technology and also provided an opportunity to learn practical and realistic ways to build, manage, and grow your business.

  • ata2

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