Patent Translation Solutions

A patent translation is more than just the translation of words. It requires expertise in patent literature and terminology, and the cultural understanding of a native speaker. A properly translated patent document will reduce the risk of litigation and protect your company.

LingoStar’s human translators provide accurate and time-sensitive global patent translation services across Europe and North America. We can translate from, and into, a wide range of Asian, European, and Arabic languages.

We provide technical and legal translations at competitive prices to provide cost-effective solutions that reduce the risk of litigation.

Lingostar’s Translation Services

Our services are available for filings, litigation, documents, or just general information for companies, individuals, and law firms. We set our focus on accurate and time-sensitive translations. For the most time-sensitive documents, we can provide rush or emergency services.

We are experienced in the translation of patents, reports, briefs, and other supporting documents and materials necessary to the process. Patent translation services require the utmost attention to detail. All of our translators chosen for your documents will have a matching background in the necessary field, including years of relevant education and experience. Our translators check the documents multiple times to catch any mistakes or improper translations.

You can rely on LingoStar’s human translators to provide the most accurate, timely, and sensitive patent translations. 

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