Online Translation Services

An increasingly global marketplace is driving the need to be multilingual. Online translation services allow this to be instantly possible, whether it’s for a firm, a corporation, or personal resources.

Online translation is the translation of a text by a computer instead of a person. It can also be referred to as instant translation or machine translation.

If you’re pressed for time or have a small budget, online translation might be the ideal service for you, allowing you to translate more content at a quicker pace, all for less money than human translation. It accelerates communications and understanding, giving instant results.

Fast, On Demand Translation

Online, automated translations are great for cutting costs by providing an initial translation. They can assist with and improve customer service and support by opening language possibilities and increasing understanding and communication through multilingual email support and chats.

LingoStar’s online language translation services provide fast delivery with trusted output for the highest quality and dependable online translations when you need to reach more customers and new markets.

Our online translation services are ideal for:

  • Simple translations
  • Quick delivery
  • Text documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Emails and chat services
  • Financial documents
  • Manuals
  • Catalogs


  • Websites
  • Expediting communications
  • Emergency or urgent services
  • Word documents
  • Academic papers, essays, and administration papers
  • Sales
  • News


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