Necessity of Translation in Vancouver Schools

Translation in Vancouver Schools

It is evident that there are an increasing number of children in schools in Vancouver that don’t speak English. Over the years, non-native English speakers have increased in numbers throughout the school boards, and are having a tough time coping with the lack of translation services available in their schooling.

The District Panel Advisory Committee has been asked for help numerous times by parents as the population of minority groups has grown at a rapid pace. Recent studies have shown that in some schools in Vancouver as many as 40% of the students need ESL support! Some of the more common languages spoken by the children like Mandarin and Cantonese receive a decent amount of help; however, the rarer languages with obscure dialects are often neglected and the child is essentially helpless.

The School Board is recommending that parents contact their principal in order to arrange for third party services to offer translation in Vancouver schools offered at the expense of the administration. This would not only solve the issue at hand, but would also help more foreign students reach their full potential via their schooling and education. Procuring the services of a professional language services agency would definitely be a step in the right direction to ensure that all students are receiving the help they need in their education.

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