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With its incredibly diverse and large population, Los Angeles is the hub of many industries and the destination of choice for countless travellers. LingoStar can help your Los Angeles business achieve multilingual communication across Canada, the USA and overseas.

A Strong Multilingual Culture in Los Angeles

Walking down the streets will be a quick reminder why translation services in Los Angeles are so important. Above all, the city has the largest number of Spanish speakers in the United States. Indeed, Hispanics or Latinos total 48.5% of the population, resulting in a robust amount of dialects. With 12% of the foreign-born population coming from Asian backgrounds, other widely spoken languages include Chinese, Tagalog (Filipino), Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai.

Los Angeles: The City of Dreams

When one thinks of Los Angeles, it’s hard not to picture the iconic Hollywood signs and a booming entertainment industry. However, Los Angeles is also a world centre of business, international trade, entertainment (television, motion pictures, video games, and music production), aerospace, technology, fashion, apparel, media, science, education and tourism. Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing centre in the western United States. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach together comprise the fifth busiest port in the world. And, of course, the performing arts play a major role in Los Angeles’ cultural identity. With over 1,000 musical, theater, dance, and performing groups, Los Angeles is often billed as “Creative Capital of the World”. Also, one in every six of its residents works in a creative industry.

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