Vancouver Translation Services | About LingoStar

Vancouver Translation Services | About LingoStar

Vancouver Translation Services, run by LingoStar, is a translation company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, established since 2004.

LingoStar is a full-service translation services company. Recognizing a need for more comprehensive services in Vancouver, we’ve since grown to include other language solutions. Consequently, we offer our expert help with interpretation, multilingual voice-overs, medical transcriptions, website localization, and multilingual typesetting services.

As our services grew, so did our geographic reach. Since establishing a subsidiary in Toronto in 2006, our translation services have reached major clients across Canada.

What Sets Us Apart Among Translation Services in Vancouver

Naturally, there are many translation services available online, but not all of them are right for the job. Our personalized approach and focus on quality set us apart from other language service companies across Canada.

Since we use multilingual in-house and freelance translators to complete over 300 translation and language-related projects a year, we are able to take on translation projects from clients from a wide range of industries.

Thanks to our well-executed project management experience and strict quality assurance procedures, we can meet tight deadlines and customize translation projects for our clients.

Moreover, our linguists are all native speakers numerous languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and many more. Our in-house native speakers meticulously review and finalize every translation project before delivering it to our clients. By using native speakers and the highest standards for accuracy, translation projects are delivered on time and above expectations.

The result is perfect translations that improve communications for business or personal use, giving you a world of opportunities. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our document translation services or certified translation services can help you.

We are always ready to help you with any kind of document or project.
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