LingoStar’s extensive team of voice-over talent provides voice-overs that are localized specifically for your target market and exhibit complete cultural accuracy.

LingoStar’s team of voice-over talent provides voice-over services that localize specifically for your target market. We have a notable amount of experience with the provision of high quality voice-overs, and this has spanned over the course of over 10 years with hundreds of successful projects. Our services cover any kind of video or audio you require, however we most commonly work on projects for commercials, instructional videos and advertisements. The success of our projects is a direct result of the superior quality of the sound and recording we provide.

Our artists have professional recording studios and equipment to ensure that the final product is of the highest technical quality, and is time coded flawlessly for lip synchronization or voice-over recitation. Upon completion, we deliver your files in any format that you need. The last thing you want is your client in Germany to receive a video file with poor lip synchronization where the speaker’s lips don’t match the timing of the translated German words, the voice doesn’t match the way the actor looks in the video, and the script is spoken with poor German fluency.


There are various nuances and important factors to take into account with each project that you may not even consider when looking for a professional agency to help with your project. Let LingoStar take care of your project and you won’t have to worry about any discrepancies or errors that commonly occur with other translation firms. Please see below for a more detailed description of exactly what our services entail and our LingoStar team can do for you:


voice-over is a production technique using the recorded audio of an unseen narrator over a movie or television broadcast. The voice-over plays a fundamental yet subtle role in conveying the tone of a program and capturing the attention of the audience. Foreign language training films, documentaries, advertising spots, and corporate videos or presentations often use voice-overs. The style, accent and tone used for each media can vary. LingoStar’s voice-over translation services are a one-stop shop for accurate voice-overs in a variety of languages. We work with talent all over the world to provide a suitable voice with the required accent and style desired by our clients.


LingoStar has completed voice-over services and projects for years in over 100 languages. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality we consistently achieve for our clients. Our services cover the transcription of scripts, their translation, voice-overs, lip synchronization, time coding and even subtitling. At LingoStar we have a pricing system in place that ensures you will get a special discounted rate on your voice-over dependent on the amount of spoken words, and the length of the audio or video file. The higher the number of words or the longer the video/audio file, the greater the discount!

In addition, we consistently provide discounts upwards of 25%!
We have extensive experience handling voice-overs for large corporations, local businesses and even government organizations around the world by providing fair rates and an unparalleled level of quality.

We have completed lots of voice-over work over the years, ranging from Canadian French for clients in Toronto, to European Spanish for clients in Spain. Some examples of companies we have completed voice-over projects for can be seen below:

Trajectory Sales Enablement Inc.

We help Trajectory Sales Enablement Inc. communicate with a diverse, international sales team. Trajectory Sales Enablement helps companies achieve success in sales. They provide sales training and tactics and develop programs to incentivize employees. They are based in Toronto, Ontario but have international reach, working for large corporations such as Xerox, Rogers, PlayStation, Best Buy, Scotiabank, and McDonald’s. We helped them with voice-overs for employee training material in Korean and Irish for these corporations.

KJO Media

With our help, KJO Media branches out into foreign markets. KJO Media is a full service video production company based out of Kansas, USA.  Since 2001, they have been servicing clients with their in-house studio and on-site shooting capabilities, HD video production, and touchscreen technology and iPhone / Android application development. We are pleased to help them out with translation, voice-over recording and typesetting projects in Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, German, French (European), Swedish, Italian, and Spanish (European).

Hustream Technologies

With our help, Hustream Technologies reaches international audiences for their diverse client base. Hustream Technologies is an innovative video production company based out of Kelowna, BC. They specialize in creating interactive videos for corporations and provide full service marketing support to their clients. We are proud to have collaborated with Hustream on a number of occasions by providing transcription, translation, voice-over and video synchronization services into Canadian French, and most recently into 14 European languages for a large-scale project involving Czech, Norwegian, Greek and Estonian languages, just to name a few.

Go2 Productions

Go2 Productions takes a bite out of challenging multilingual voice-over projects for Apple Inc. This creative video production agency provides highly engaging content for their clients’ corporate videos and TV commercials. Winner of several Telly awards in 2012 for their spot-on, high-impact work with MADD, Sunshine Coast Health Centre and PLANTCAL, Go2 has earned important clients like Honda and Apple Inc. For Apple, Go2 asked us to collaborate with them in the voice-over production of foreign language audio files for their instructional videos, including Mandarin, Cantonese, French (European), Spanish (European), Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, Korean, and Portuguese (Brazilian). Handling multiple scripts and audio files for this many languages can be a challenge, but our meticulous project managers ensure that every file is quality checked and delivered in an efficient and organized manner.

White Rain Productions

We help White Rain Productions connect their clients to the global marketplace. White Rain Films is a small but dynamic film production company specializing in corporate promotional videos. Based in Seattle, Washington but with an international client base, White Rain contacts us on an ongoing basis for transcription, translation, voice-over and typesetting services in Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or French, depending on their client’s specific requirements. Some of their regular clients are Starbucks, Stuart Weitzman, Princess Cruises and Viking River Cruises, for which they’ve won numerous industry awards for their talented storytelling.

For every project, we use native speakers with voices localized perfectly for your project, matching the region of the world of your requested language pair. We have an extensive database of artists familiar with industry specific terms and vocabulary so they know exactly how to pronounce even the most obscure of words and terminology. At LingoStar, we only choose professional native speakers who are well versed in the selected topic for your voice-over needs. We only want you to have the best of the best!

For example, if you are in need of the translation of a commercial in Japanese for the Japanese population residing in Vancouver, we will firstly enlist the help of our most experienced Japanese professional translator from the city you are specifically targeting. This way, the script is translated authentically for the culture at hand. A professional translator ensures that all documents will be localized to the linguistic, technical and cultural requirements of the chosen market. After the script is meticulously translated, we will contact our most qualified Japanese voice-over artists who match the profile of voice you have requested for your particular project. We have such a wide range of qualified artists that it is very likely we have someone who will be exactly the kind of voice you are looking for to complete your project. Finally, once we have selected your favorite voice from the demos we provide you, matching the tonality and style you are looking for, we will commence the project and complete it within your requested time line to your exact specifications.


Choosing the right voice for your project can make a huge difference in whether or not your viewers keep their eyes on the screen. The ideal voice will resonate with the audience and capture the mood of the program. It’s important to think about accents, language, dialects, and any other factors that will appeal to listeners. When hiring a voice-over artist, please let us know the accent you require, who your audience is, the type of voice (male/female/age group), and how you wish to convey your message (the level of enthusiasm, warmth, softness, and so on).

Based on your description, we will locate a suitable voice-over artist for your project and have his or her voice approved by you.


Our professional voice-over artists will meet your requirements for corporate videos, video games, training materials, e-learning solutions or any other voice-over recordings in nearly any languages. Our most frequent requests are for Canadian and American English, Quebec French, and a variety of Spanish dialects. We also offer voice-over services in all major Asian languages, including script translation and voice over recording, making sure we deliver the highest quality product for your international or local audience. All recording can be carried out in your studio or in our co-operating partner studio. Our voice-over recording studios and artists are based in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, and our USA-based voice-over recording studios and artists are located in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. We would love to help craft a resounding and powerful narration of your upcoming project. Contact us to discuss how voice-over translation can help!


To ensure that you are more than satisfied with your voice-over recording, we have the following quality assurance procedures in place:

  • Firstly, we meticulously select and evaluate professional translators and voice artists, listening to demos and reviewing CVs for the requested background and experience.
  • Secondly, we choose only professional translators and voice artists who work into their native language and can provide an authentic accent in the desired target dialect.
  • Lastly, we collect demos and select the best ones that fit your specific requirements and send them to you for review and approval.
  • Voice-overs are recorded in professional recording facilities or in the voice artist’s home studio using professional equipment.
  • If translation services are also required, all scripts are translated, edited, proofread and spot-checked by linguists with extensive experience in the required industries, as well as native proficiency in the target language and culture.
  • In case the client wants to direct the session, he/she can connect live to the remote recording session by ISDN or Skype.
  • All audio files are quality checked by our multilingual team, who pick out any potential issues to correct before final delivery.
  • Project managers are available to answer any linguistic or technical questions.
  • If necessary, we create a glossary or terminology memory to ensure overall consistency of the project.

Our employees and translators are all bound by confidentiality agreements and will all sign a non-disclosure agreement before each project. At LingoStar, we know how important it is that your audio and video files remain confidential, and we take the proper precautions to ensure that you can feel confident in the fact that we will respect your personal files and information. Contact us today to discuss our voice-over services!


We look forward to hearing from you about your voice-over requirements. Please download our “Voice-over Request – Client form” below and email it to info@lingo-star.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible with details and a quote. 


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