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Are you immigrating to Canada or another country? Applying to school or a job overseas? Involved in a legal dispute? If so, you may be in need of a certified translation for your official documents. At LingoStar, we can facilitate quick and accurate certified translations for your official documents for Immigration Canada, US Immigration, Visa applications, employment or school applications, court cases and any official institution or government authority, in over 50 language combinations. We offer certified document translation services in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and anywhere in Canada and the US.

To ensure that you fully satisfied with your certified translations:


We meticulously select and evaluate certified translators, reviewing qualifications for the requested background and experience, and checking with the appropriate organizations that they are qualified to work on your translation.


All our certified translations are spot-checked by our multilingual team, who review the text for accuracy to avoid mistranslations, missing information, incorrect or inconsistent spelling, typos, and formatting issues; plus, we make sure the proper procedures are followed to ensure your document is accepted by the authorities.


You may request a final review of the translated document before mailing, and/or a scan of the certified hard copy for their reference. All certified hard copies include a declaration or affidavit and an official seal or stamp.


All certified hard copies are mailed to you using Canada Post – Xpresspost (within Canada) or International Express Mail (US to Canada/Canada to US) to ensure that a tracking number is provided and the delivery service is expedited quickly and efficiently.


Project managers are available to answer any of your questions and to provide updates at any time throughout the translation process. Our service includes one hard copy but additional copies of your certified translation can be provided upon request.


LingoStar offers translations for a huge variety of documents from and into any language, e.g. French, Cantonese, and Spanish birth certificate translation; marriage certificate translation into Arabic, Russian, and Hindi; legal contract translation into Korean, Dutch, and Serbian, etc.


Albanian* Greek* Romanian*
Arabic* Hebrew* Russian*
Catalan Hindi* Serbian*
Chinese Simplified* Hungarian* Serbo-Croatian*
Chinese Traditional* Indonesian* Slovak*
Croatian* Italian* Slovenian
Czech* Japanese* Spanish European*
Danish Korean* Spanish Latin American*
Dutch* Macedonian* Swedish*
English Malay* Tamil*
Farsi* Norwegian Thai*
Finnish* Polish* Turkish*
French European* Portuguese Brazilian* Ukrainian*
French Canadian* Portuguese European* Urdu*
German* Punjabi* Vietnamese*


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