IT and Software Translation Services Canada & USA

Canada’s highly educated and experienced workforce makes Canada a world class investment destination for the IT and Software sector. The Information and Communications Technology sector in Canada includes 37,000 companies, of which 87,6% are in the software and computer services industry. Taking into account the number of non-English speakers working in this industry, it is not surprising that translation in this field plays such an important role.

Our Services

LingoStar Translation Services Canada & USA provides translations of software and computer program content, as well as business documents for software and information technology industry clients throughout North America and Europe. Our translators are specialized in this industry, and our editors have strong IT backgrounds. We understand the importance of delivering accurate and localized translations in all your applications. Our teams work with you to localize your content into the relevant language variety, for example Simplified Chinese or Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, we pay special attention to HTML and other codes and follow your specific instructions in regards to your specialized text.

Some of the documents we translate include:

  • Gaming Content & Scripts
  • Geographic Applications
  • B2B Platforms
  • Computer Programs
  • Emails
  • Social Networking
  • Computer Security
  • Online Content
  • Operating Networks & Systems
  • Software Interface, Manuals & Strings
  • Software, Hardware & ERP Solutions
  • Applications
  • Video Games
  • Websites

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