Language Consulting

Language Consulting Services

Doing business in emerging markets can be a challenge. It requires adapting to new cultures and languages, and learning the customs of a completely new audience. Consulting to communicate the right tone, style, and language can be the key to your company’s international success.

Thankfully, LingoStar offers a multitude of language consulting services tailored to the needs of your business. Our language consulting services are ideal for internationally operating corporations, companies expanding abroad, and firms dealing with multicultural and multilingual teams. We can help you achieve high performance by mastering the language of your customer or business partner to develop close working relationships.

Multilingual Tools and Solutions

  • Generating revenue with multilingual websites
  • Using a multilingual website as a powerful marketing tool
  • Localizing – culturally and linguistically adapting marketing and promotional materials
  • Marketing effectively across cultures and languages
  • Planning and performing a software internationalization project
  • Planning, organizing and budgeting a major multilingual project

Successful Communication Tools

  • Increasing (international) sales by speaking to potential customers in their native language
  • Improving sales by being culturally and linguistically aware of business partners
  • Dealing with foreign language markets and clients
  • Translating business cards into a foreign language
  • Selling according to international business etiquette and using politically correct language
  • Understanding cultural differences in international advertising
  • Working through an interpreter
  • Learning foreign languages

Cultural Differences Solutions

  • Raising cultural awareness and increasing the ability to communicate across cultures
  • Knowing specific countries and learning about other cultures – workshops on business in Latin America, China, Japan, EU, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.
  • Breaking the barriers of intercultural communication
  • Cross-cultural gift giving etiquette
  • Working abroad and intercultural understanding

All services are offered either in workshops, seminars, or consulting sessions with direct interaction and feedback between the client and LingoStar’s consultant. Please contact us now to book your session!