Farsi (Persian) – Fārsī/فارسی

English Farsi (Persian) Translation Services

LingoStar Translation Services Canada | USA provides professional translation and interpretation from English to Farsi and Farsi to English. Thanks to a well established network of top Farsi translators and linguists we are serving all major cities in Canada – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and the USA – New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and more. We offer Farsi document translation, English to Farsi website translation and Farsi interpreting services. Additionally we offer Farsi editing by native translators and editors, typesetting by experienced Persian typesetters and video game localization and voiceovers by specialized Persian voiceover artists and translators. Our experienced native English to Farsi translators and interpreters are meticulously selected to provide English to Farsi services of the best possible quality for your particular needs!

Only native Persian translators know about the cultural background of the Persian language and can localize websites or documents for different Farsi speaking countries, e.g. Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persian speakers in India, Canada and the USA. Our team consists of experienced medical, technical and legal Persian translators. Our Persian translators will expertly handle your project in your specific industry. We have completed numerous Persian translations in these fields and more:

• Advertising • Mining
• Business and Employment….. • Packaging and Labels
• Engineering • Training
• Finance • Software and IT
• Forestry • Technology
• Marketing • Travel and Tourism


Furthermore, we also offer Farsi certified and notarized translations for passports, driver’s licenses, divorce decrees, birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, transcripts, diplomas and other Farsi certified document translations.

As Farsi is a frequently spoken language in the Middle East and there are numerous Farsi communities in Canada and the USA, you should definitely consider English to Farsi and Farsi to English document and website translation and software localization. Your Farsi website will help you to reach your target Farsi speaking community and expand your business to the global market!

If you are looking for professional English to Farsi or Farsi to English translation, don’t hesitate to contact LingoStar today!


About Farsi (Persian) Language

Farsi, also known as Persian, is the most widely spoken language in Iran. It is spoken by a total of 134 million people which includes 72 million native and 62 million second language speakers in Iran (formally Persia), Afghanistan and Tajikistan and the Middle-East.

The name of the country changed from Persia to Iran in 1934. It is said that the Farsi language is very melodic and beautiful and when people hear it for the first time, they often tend to compare it to French. There are three main dialects of Persian: Farsi, Dari and Tajik. Farsi is considered the most modern dialect.