Endangered languages.

Endangered languages, are those languages that are at risk of falling out of use, as their speakers die or start to speak other languages. Nowadays, languages are becoming extinct at an accelerated rate due to globalization. Economically,  powerful languages dominate others that eventually disappear. Since this truly arms the cultural diversity of the world, measures are implemented to save them.

Many projects are aimed at preventing or slowing this loss by revitalizing languages. This means having adults acquire the language, creating a population of active speakers and encouraging literacy and use in education, in the workplace and in government services. This is above all implemented in countries that have indigenous communities.

Areas of the world with a high number of languages nearing extinction include Siberia, Northern Australia, Central America, Southern South America, the Northwest Pacific Plateau and Oklahoma.

Here are some examples of endangered languages throughout the world: Dumi in Nepal, Ongota in Ethiopia, Njerep in Nigeria, Lemerig in Vanuatu, Kaixana in Brazil and Taushiro in Peru.

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