Complications Regarding Translation in Spanish

Handling a translation in Spanish?  Follow our advice on different varieties of Spanish

Translation in Spanish has always been tricky. Castilian Spanish (also known as neutral or universal Spanish) is the standard Spanish. However, it has to be distinguished from US Spanish and Latin American Spanish. The latter is also divided into subcategories such as Mexican Spanish, Bolivian Spanish and Amazon Spanish. There are also a few other dialects such as Catalan and Galician which can be found in Spain.

This is why a good translation in Spanish requires more than just a theoretical mastery of the language. Of course, standard Spanish is understood by all, but linguistic differences shouldn’t be overlooked because the exact same word can have different meanings based on the region it is spoken in. Misunderstandings can be very damaging to your company’s reputation!

It is interesting to note that Latin American Spanish resorts to many more English loanwords than neutral Spanish does. Do you know the translation in Spanish for the word computer? Well, it depends! In Latin America, a computer is commonly referred to as a computadora, while Spaniards would rather say ordenador. In a similar fashion, Latin Americans use the word email instead of correo electrónico, which is the standard term used in Spain.

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