Translation Projects Canada

We are proud to present a selection of our recent translation projects. They range from simple language translations, to complex multilingual voice-over translation projects. LingoStar is a boutique translation company serving your specific language needs.

Website Translations English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, and Chinese

Advanced Nutrients Translations

We’ve been with Advanced Nutrients almost every step of the way as they have blossomed into a high-yield international business.

This innovatAdvanced Nutrientsive nutrient start-up company has grown exponentially since its inception in 1998. Today, Advanced Nutrients is the global quality leader in hydroponic fertilizers. Faced with a burgeoning international client base, we have helped them reach target audiences in countries around the world by translating their advertising copy, product packaging, website content, white papers, and research reports into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Scientific accuracy and technical prowess are prerequisites for their highly specialized microbiological content, as well as localization and branding of their advertising material to appeal to demanding clients and prospects in culturally specific target markets.

Video Games Translations English to French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Ukrainian

Electronic Arts Translations and Localization

We helped Electronic Arts Canada kick off their 2012 FIFA video game around the world.EA

Electronic Arts Canada is a world-renown interactive entertainment software manufacturer whose sports-themed video games have reached international status, earning the company 4.1 billion in 2012. Since 1982, EA has been on the cutting edge of technology, re-inventing the way video games were made and achieving a realism never seen before. Perhaps best known for their FIFA Soccer games, we were thrilled to help them localize the content of their 2012 FIFA and FIFA Street games to football-crazy audiences in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, the UAE, and Ukraine. We not only completed the translations of the scripts, but we also provided voice artists in each particular dialect to record the content in their studio in Burnaby, BC, making sure that each language was localized in its references and idioms and voiced in an authentic accent.

Marketing Materials Translations English to French, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, European Spanish, Italian, and German

Comotion Design Translations

We help Comotion Design create a buzz for their clients by translating content so they can focus on the graphic design.

translation projects canada

This Vancouver-based advertising and brand consultancy company completes projects for Canadian companies looking to target foreign language target markets. Regular clients are the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and BC Blueberry Council, among others.  We are proud to provide them with high-quality translations of their clients’ advertising and marketing content into multiple languages including French, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, European Spanish, Italian, and German.

Document Translations English English to Punjabi, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese

BC Ombudsman Translations

We helped the Office of the BC Ombudsperson relay an excerpt of a report to Punjabi and Chinese speakers of BC.

The Office of the BC Ombudsperson receives enquiries and complaints about unfair administrative practices of provincial government ministries or public agencies. The office is independent of government and political parties. The services are free and confidential. We helped them translate an excerpt of a report from English to Punjabi, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Voice-over Translations Instructional Videos, including Mandarin, Cantonese, French (European), Spanish (European), Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, Korean, and Portuguese (Brazilian)

Go2 Productions / Apple Inc. Voiceovers

With our help, Go2 Productions takes a bite out of challenging multilingual voice-over projects for Apple Inc.

voiceovers french vancouverThis creative video production agency provides highly engaging content for their clients’ corporate videos and TV commercials. Winner of several Telly awards in 2012 for their spot-on, high-impact work with MADD, Sunshine Coast Health Centre and PLANTCAL, Go2 has earned important clients like Honda and Apple Inc. For Apple, Go2 asked us to collaborate with them in the voice-over production of foreign language audio files for their instructional videos, including Mandarin, Cantonese, French (European), Spanish (European), Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, Korean, and Portuguese (Brazilian). Handling multiple scripts and audio files for this many languages can be a challenge, but our meticulous project managers ensure that every file is quality checked and delivered in an efficient and organized manner.

Packaging Translation to Arabic, Georgian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Danish, Dutch, European French, European Spanish, German, Italian, European Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish

International Trimmings & Labels Packaging Translation

We help International Trimmings & Labels (ITL) meet their clients’ multilingual branding, product ID and supply chain management needs

This garmepackaging translation canadant label manufacturer designs, manufactures and distributes apparel branding products. We provide ongoing services every day or two for very short texts into multiple languages, including Arabic, Georgian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Danish, Dutch, European French, European Spanish, German, Italian, European Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish. Terminology is often subject to interpretation as context can be scarce but our translators are provided with terminology lists and reference material where necessary to maintain consistency.


Brochures Translation into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Korean, and Punjabi

KPU (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) Brochures Tranlation

We help Kwantlen bring quality and excellence to their international student reach.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, established in 1981 by the government of BritishBrochures Translation to Chinese, Spanish, Korean Columbia, has evolved from a college to a university, embracing its role as an important resource in preparing graduates to be not just contributing members of society, but global citizens. In keeping with their position as an attractive option for international students, Kwantlen has asked us to translate and update foreign language brochures into the following languages on a yearly basis: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Korean, and Punjabi.  We are careful to place the translations with translators who live and work in the foreign market to ensure appropriately localized content for their potential students and their families. 

Software Translation into Czech, Japanese, Korean, European French, European Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

Mobidia Technology Inc. Software TranslationMobidia

With our help, Mobidia expanded their client base internationally.

Mobidia Technology Inc. is an award-winning software developer whose app ‘My Data Manager’ analyzes mobile data usage to help both users and mobile operators track and use their data efficiently. We were able tohelp them expand their sales internationally by translating the App to Czech, Japanese, Korean, European French, European Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. As always when translating software material, it is imperative to rule out any inconsistencies in terminology and confirm the context for many phrases so that when they appear to the target market user, the language has been used correctly.

Video Games Translation into Korean, Dutch, Russian, German, European Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, European French, and Japanese

Panoramic Software Inc. Video Games Translation

We helped Panoramic broaden their business horizons.

Panoramic SoGames Translation Vancouverftware is a Vancouver-based software developer of games and applications for mobile devices. Their popular Calc-Pro calculator app reached an international audience after we helped them translate it to Korean, Dutch, Russian, German, European Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, European French, and Japanese. A very challenging subject matter as this app performs highly advanced mathematical functions, so a thorough knowledge of mathematics was necessary to ensure a good quality translation. We were thrilled to hear that the Calc-Pro app reached a number 1 rating in Korea!

Medical Translation from English to Canadian French

The Health Team Medical TranslationMedical Translation English to French

With our help, The Health Team promotes health and wellness in the workplace.

The Health Team provides workplace health and employee wellness programs to employers in Canada. Founded over 10 years ago, The Health Team’s mission is to promote good health and well-being in the workplace. For example, they offer a flu-shot program where registered nurses go to a particular client’s offices and distribute flu shots to employees. We help them on an ongoing basis with English to Canadian French translation of informational and promotional material so they can better reach a diverse Canadian audience.

Document Translation to French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Kazakh, Spanish and Portuguese, Punjabi, Tagalog

UBC – ELI, HELP, Conferences & Accommodations Document Translation

We help University of British Columbia departments educate and inform their students and respective families of program services and updates.

We provide on-going translation services to three UBC departments: Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), English Language Institute (ELI) and Conferences & Accommodations, who require yearly updates and revisions to their informational letters and marketing and promotional text into the following languages: French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Kazakh, Spanish and Portuguese, Punjabi, Tagalog. We take extra care to place the translation jobs with local linguists familiar with UBC to ensure consistency and target market appeal.

Video Localization in Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and French

White Rain Films Video Localization

We help White Rain connect their clients to the global marketplace.

White Rain Films isVideo Localization Seattle a small but dynamic film production company specializing in corporate promotional videos. Based in Seattle, Washington but with an international client base, White Rain contacts us on an ongoing basis for transcription, translation, voice-over and typesetting services in Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or French, depending on their client’s specific requirements. Some of their regular clients are Starbucks, Stuart Weitzman, Princess Cruises and Viking River Cruises, for which they’ve won numerous industry awards for their talented storytelling.

Medical Translation from English to Canadian French

Merivale Medical Imaging Medical Translation

We help Merivale Medical Imaging reflect a positive image within their community.

Medical Translation from English to French Canada

Established in 1986, Merivale Medical Imaging (MMI) is a state-of-the-art health clinic providing clients with imaging services including x-rays, mammograms, bone density, ultrasound and nuclear medicine in Ottawa, Ontario. They offer superior quality service by highly trained professionals and maintain a reputation for excellence, short wait lists and accommodating hours. We help them translate their online content into Canadian French, an example of how they strive to best serve the bilingual community in their area.

Video Localization in Canadian French

HuStream Technologies Video LocalizationVideo Localization Canadian English

With our help, HuStream Technologies reaches international audiences for their diverse client base.

HuStream Technologies is an innovative video production company based out of Kelowna, BC. They specialize in creating interactive videos for corporations and provide full service marketing support to their clients. We are proud to have collaborated with Hustream on a number of occasions by providing transcription, translation, voice-over and video synchronization services into Canadian French, and most recently into 14 European languages for a large-scale project involving Czech, Norwegian, Greek and Estonian languages, just to name a few.

Video Scripts Translation into German, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Macedonian, and Greek

Kameleon Creative Video Scripts Translation

We help Kameleon Creative reach out to clients’ international markets so that they stand apart from the rest.

Kameleon CrVideo Scripts Translation Vancouvereative Solutions Inc. is a Vancouver-based branding and advertising company with powerful ideas and a results-driven mandate that includes corporate identity, graphic design, interactive media and branding strategy services. We are proud to collaborate with them on ongoing projects by translating their clients’ video scripts and other advertising materials into a multitude of languages including German, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek.

Voiceover Translation in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

On Demand Production Network Voiceovers

With our help, On Demand Production Network meets the growing demand for quality corporate video innovation.Voiceover Canada

ODPN is one of Vancouver’s leading video production companies, providing brand and marketing support to corporate clients through inventive and award-winning videos. With a large client-base including BC Hydro, Donnelly Group, Modo, Rogers and Safeway to name a few, ODPN strives to be at the forefront of corporate storytelling from TV commercials to videos on the web or social media. We are happy to collaborate with them on an ongoing basis for translation and voice-over services as required in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Marketing Translation to Russian, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and Chinese

Momentum Marketing Marketing Translation

We help Momentum Marketing propel their clients to success.

Marketing Translation to Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese

Momentum Marketing is a Full Service marketing agency that provides End to End marketing services from brand and content development to building and executing marketing plans. Based in Vancouver, with offices in Washington DC, Momentum Marketing help businesses develop and execute marketing strategies in digital and legacy environments. Some of their successful projects include Budget Brake & Muffler, Big Box Outlet Stores, Miyabi Aqua-scapes, Pay Day Loans, Leavitt Machinery, Weiser Locks, IMW Industries, CBC Music and Northwest Territories Tourism. We helped them with translation of marketing material into 5 languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Simultaneous Interpretation to Mandarin, Cantonese, and Latin American Spanish

SmartPoint Research Simultaneous Interpretation

With our help, SmartPoint Research leads the way to a successful market strategy.

SmartPoint ResearchSimultaneous Interpretation to Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish is a Vancouver-based market research company. They conduct focus groups, interviews, and qualitative and quantitative research to compile and analyze data about your product or service idea to help you build your business. We are happy to help them out with Mandarin, Cantonese and Latin American Spanish simultaneous interpretation services for their multilingual focus groups studies.

Marketing Translation from English to Canadian French

Canadian Parking Association Marketing Translation

We help the Canadian Parking Association promote their services to the parking industry across Canada and beyond.

Canadian admin-ajaxParking Association is a professional organization overseeing and supporting the parking industry in Canada. Founded in 1983, they hold national conferences, publish a quarterly magazine and provide opportunities for networking for their members. We are happy to help them complete English to Canadian French translations for their marketing material and publications.

Translation of Advertisements into Simplified Chinese

Fever Pitch Communication Translation of Advertisements

With our help, spreads their message like wildfire!Translation of Advertisements into Chinese

Fever Pitch Communications is a small but dynamic marketing communications company based out of Vancouver, BC. They offer writing services, list building and news distribution, pitching and liaison, and visit coordination services. Founded in 2010 by experienced marketing and public relations experts with a background in tourism and journalism, Fever Pitch is making a name for itself as one of Vancouver’s newest and best media marketing teams. We help them with translation of advertising material into Simplified Chinese.

Document Translation from English to French

Mainland BC MFRC Document Translation

With our help, Mainland BC MFRC supports military families in Canada’s two official languages: English and French.Document Translation from English to French

The Mainland British Columbia Military Families Resource Centre is a non-profit organization that provides support to Regular and Reserve Force military families. This includes providing programs and services in the areas of information and referral, children and youth, education and quality of life, deployment and employment assistance, volunteer development and involvement, and crisis intervention. We are happy to assist them with translation of material from English to French Canadian.

Website Translation to European Spanish

Electric Sun Communication Website Translation

LingoStar helped Electric Sun Communication translate their materials related to the solar industry.

ElectricSun Communications is a Canadian-based copywriting and translation company. The company writes, rewrites, proofreads, and translates website text, brochures, newsletters and press releases, focusing on dynamism, logic, syntax and clarity. Although a striking website design catches attention, it’s the written content that makes the sale.

Typesetting in Traditional Chinese

Forthought Design Inc. Label Localization & Typesetting

While Forthought Design, a Toronto based package design company, thinks of what to put in your box, LingoStar helps them to think outside of the box in terms of translations.

Forthought Design has been in the market since 1992. They have a passion for creating inspirational and innovative designs and take care of projects from concept to completion. Besides branding & design, they offer structural design, artwork, and print consultation. They are also involved in corporate identity, annual reports and launch materials.

Translation of Marketing Materials to Traditional Chinese

Canton Productions Marketing Materials Translation

Good movies produce movie stars, good translations form LingoStar. Ask Canton Productions about their experience with LingoStar translation and voice-over services

Canton Productions collects the latest market information, identifies trends and develops marketing and advertising strategies for their clients. They are specialists in multicultural digital media and target marketing to ensure that they effectively reach their target groups.

Information Packages Translation to Simplified Chinese

Mulgrave School Information Packages Translation

Learning for success in university and beyond is the goal for all students at Mulgrave School. LingoStar is happy it was able to contribute to Mulgrave School’s mission by providing support with its translation needs.

Mulgrave School believes in individual values based on personal integrity, works to nurture its strong community, and helps students to understand that striving for one’s personal best should be enjoyable.

Handbook Translation to Punjabi

Canadian Diabetes Association Handbook Translation & Typesetting

Fighting with health issues is never easy, especially when it comes to diabetes. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, anybody can be affected. By translating for the Canadian Diabetes Association, LingoStar also contributed to this global fight.


The Canadian Diabetes Association leads the fight against diabetes by helping those affected by diabetes to live healthy lives; preventing the onset and consequences of diabetes; and discovering a cure.

User's Manual Translation to Latin American Spanish

SAVOX Manual Translation

Even the best communicators in the world like Savox Communications need a translation provider, so they don’t get lost in translation.

The Savox Communications Group has offices in Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and China with its headquarters in Luxembourg. Founded more than 30 years ago, Savox is one of the largest professional communication solutions providers in the world today. They focus on providing safety, rescue and communication products.

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