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Business translations pose unique challenges. The risk of a misunderstanding can cost you more than profits – it can cost you your company’s reputation. Automatic translations or translations completed by a non-native speaker can introduce errors in your written content that can alienate your target market.

Our Services

LingoStar provides translations of business documents of all types for major corporations, small businesses, government institutions and other commercial and non-profit organizations throughout North America and Europe. By using human translators, we therefore ensure your content is localized properly for your target market, with no misunderstandings in the final product.

Our translators specialize in business and commercial areas and our editors have strong business backgrounds. We understand the importance of delivering accurate and on-time translations for your business needs. We also keep the confidentiality of your sensitive documents our highest priority. Our business translators take extra care to consider all cultural aspects of your translation: branding, corporate taglines, logos, and artwork are all specifically targeted to appeal to your market.

We pay special attention to typesetting, design, HTML and other codes and follow your specific instructions in regards to your specialized text so the final documents meet the highest corporate standards. We can also advise on proper localization for your client’s website and other online promotional content in the target language.

You can trust us to produce the highest quality business translations to meet any standards.

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