Birthday Song across the world and their variations

Birthday Song across the world and their variations

Birthday Song

Have you ever wondered how your birthday would be celebrated in other countries? What birthday song would be sang?

For example, which song do you sing if you are in a Spanish-speaking country?

Well, each Spanish-speaking country has a different birthday song. The birthday celebration itself is more or less the same everywhere: gifts, party, food, and of course, a birthday cake! And along with a birthday cake there is always a birthday song and candles!

The Song

The song is important and represents the main purpose of the party: to celebrate the birthday boy or girl. Even though customs in Spanish-speaking countries are pretty similar, the song will vary. Replacing the “Happy Birthday To You” song characteristic of Anglo-Saxon countries, the Spanish countries range from “Las Mañanitas” in Spain and Mexico to a 10-minute song in Venezuela, and each song carries unique cultural differences.

Most of the songs are full of good wishes and blessings, and the way they are sung also reflects the country’s culture and customs. For example, in Mexico the guests sing “Las Mañanitas” and then the birthday boy or girl bites the cake and pushes his or her face into the cake as a joke. In Venezuela, guests sing “Ay que noche tan preciosa”, which can last for up to 10 minutes because people say funny things and they repeat parts several times to make fun of the birthday boy or girl. In Paraguay, the guests slap the back of the birthday boy or girl with their hands at the end of the song. Whereas in Chile, the birthday boy or girl is sometimes sung while held by the arms and legs.

Different Cultures

As you can see, Spanish speakers can be playful and funny while celebrating birthdays. They use different versions of the “Happy Birthday To You” song including their own cultural elements and customs but always with the same intention: to celebrate someone’s life. Each country has its own linguistics customs connected to their culture and that is obvious in their celebrations.

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