7 New Year’s Eve Foods That Give You Luck

7 New Year’s Eve Foods That Give You Luck

This time of year is all about food!

Yes! Because Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are full of traditional meals, desserts, and drinks to enjoy with family and friends and to celebrate the happiness of being together, we decided to come up with a list of 7 New Year’s Eve Foods That Give You Luck. Around the world, there is a common belief that certain foods can give you luck if you eat them at the right time. Also, there are many superstitions around New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve, people believe that eating certain in a specific order will bring some luck, or help you to earn more money, travel or even find your soul mate. If you are the type of person that likes to do things for luck or if you are just curious about these superstitions.


What do you want for the New Year?



7 New Year's Eve Foods That Give You Luck

1. Do you want to have one wish for each month of the new year?

Eat grapes: In countries like Spain, Mexico, and Venezuela, people believe that you should eat one grape for each of the 12 strikes during the final countdown on New Year’s Eve. If you do so, you will have one wish per month. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive one wish for each month of the coming new year!



7 New Year's Foods that Give you Luck

2. Do you need good luck and positivity?

Eat black-eyed peas: It is a believe that Hoppin’ John, as these peas are also referred to, bring prosperity in the New Year. The ingredients that you use to prepare them represent money, positivity, and gold. People from the South of The United States commonly eat them. People believe that they can bring you luck if you eat them as your last food of the year. This belief comes from the American civil war when Southerners found these peas as provisions to overcome the winter. Since then, they represent good luck and positivity.



7 New Year's Eve Foods That Give You Luck

3. Do you want to have a long and happy life?

Eat noodles: In some countries like Japan and China, they say that noodles bring you good luck if you eat them on New Year’s Eve. Noodles represent longevity so eating them symbolizes a long and happy life. One useful tip about noodles is to never cut them. The longer they are, the better for you.



7 New Year's Eve Foods That Give You Luck4. Do you wish for unity in your family?

Eat pomegranate: This fruit represents unity in some countries. The way all the seeds are bonded together on the inside reminds us how all together we can form a whole. This also symbolizes the importance of that unity in families. Besides, this is a delicious fruit that is sweet and healthy!



7 New Year's Eve Foods That Give You Luck5. Do you need wealth, prosperity, and progress in life?

Eat Pork: In many cultures around the world, pork is believed to represent luck and progress. Usually, it is served as a main course for the New Year’s Eve meal and the Christmas meal. For many cultures, like Chinese and Venezuelan, pork represents progress, wealth, and prosperity.



7 New Year's Eve Foods That Give You Luck6. Do you want fortune?

Eat cornbread, greens, and peas: These foods are the representation of fortune and wealth. Many people believe that corn represents gold because of its color and shape. Green food represents money. Finally, peas represent penny coins because of their round shape. Try to these three elements together in one dish for real fortune!



7 New Year's Eve Foods That Give You Luck7. Do you just need good luck?

Bake a coin inside a cake: In some countries, people believe that baking a coin inside a cake and serving it on New Year’s Eve is good luck. The person who receives the slice with the coin will have luck the full year ahead. This tradition apparently began in Greece but it has been adopted in New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.



Superstitious? Curious?


Whether you are superstitious or not, we invite you to try these 7 New Year’s Eve foods that give you luck. You may like them so much that they become part of your New Year’s traditions. Besides, a little luck doesn’t hurt anybody! Despite the cultural differences, people around the world enjoy Christmas time. Traditions vary so much between different countries as well as languages and cultures. At LingoStar we are aware of those differences. We are qualified to provide you with the best translations for any situation you may need and in a large range of languages. Also, we work with texts, videos, websites, and other content to help our clients improve their business. Are you traveling or studying abroad? We work with translations, too. If you need more information, call us today at 604-629-8420 or send us an email at info@lingo-star.com. If you want to learn more about our services, check out our website and get a free translation quote.